Do I need to be home when the crew starts working?

No, our crews only need access to outside electricity.

How long does the typical job take?

It depends on the size and pitch of the roof; however, most jobs are completed in 11/2 to 2 days.

Will the weather affect the scheduling of my job?

Yes, on days with extreme weather, either cold or hot, we will wait for a better day so the roofing materials are not damaged. Also, on rain days, if you are having a tear off, we will wait for the next clear business day so there isn’t a chance of having any damage on the interior of your home.

What about my T.V. antenna?

If the antenna wire is under or goes through the existing shingles, sometimes it is necessary to cut them. If this is the case, unfortunately, we cannot rewire it for you. If you would like for us to remove and dispose of the antenna we will do that.

I have a satellite dish, will you put it back on?

We will replace the dish itself but we will not realign it. We suggest you contact the original installer.

What about the debris?

We have our own dump trucks to haul away the debris from the roof. At the end of each day the trucks are returned to our yard, this keeps the work site clean and unencumbered. Also, there are no unsightly dumpsters or trailers in your yard for days.

Is a permit required?

Some local ordinances require permits be obtained prior to the start of roofing work in both new and some re-roofing jobs, depending on the locale. If a permit is required, we will obtain it for you.

What about all of the nails that come off of the roof?

Our crews use a high powered magnet to pick up any nails that fall to the ground.

What if there is bad wood on my roof?

If we find deteriorated wood when we tear off the existing shingles we must replace it. Unfortunately we are usually unable to tell the condition of the wood until the old shingles are torn off. We will not replace any wood that is not necessary. The price for replacement of wood is outlined in your contract.

Is there anything that I can do as a homeowner?

Yes, there are a few things that you can do:

  • Although our crews are trained to take every precaution to protect the area surrounding your home, we ask that you please move anything that might get damaged away from the house, such as flower pots, patio furniture, umbrellas, etc.
  • Awnings must be removed prior to our starting the job. If awnings can not be removed, we do not accept responsibility for them.
  • If you have an air conditioning unit the crew will have to cover it to avoid debris falling into it. We recommend that you turn the unit off to avoid burning the motor up.
  • Due to the spacing boards of the roof you will get debris in your attic. If you have any valuables please take the proper precaution and either move them, or cover them with a tarp. This also applies to automobiles left in the garage, or any valuables in the garage attic.

Can we reuse our gutter guards?

This depends on the style and condition of your current guards, whether they can be used again or not.  If the guards are not able to be reused, we can install new ones for you, for an additional fee, when the roof is complete.