There are two options available for roofing installations. One would be to tear off the old roof before applying the new one (tear-off). The second would be to lay new shingles over the existing roof (recover).

RECOVER: Recovering your roof is the less expensive of the two options, but it is not always your best choice. In order to recover the existing shingles there can only be one layer of shingles currently one the roof. The existing layer should also be in good condition, meaning the shingles shouldn’t be curled up and the roof should look smooth. If there is any imperfections on the roof deck it is possible for them to transfer to the new shingles.

TEAR OFF: There are advantages to tearing off the old roof before installing a new one. For example:

  1. If there are any defects in the roof deck, they will be revealed when the roof is torn off. These defects should be repaired before applying the new roof.
  2. If condensation problems exist in the attic, they too will be revealed when the roof is torn off. Properly designed attic ventilation can then be installed in order to help eliminate such problems.
  3. When the old roof is torn off, waterproofing shingle underlayment can be installed before applying the new roof. This will help protect against cyclical ice damage.
  4. Tearing off the old roof and starting with a clean deck before reroofing may result in a smoother finished roof system.

Roofing Warranty

White’s Home Improvements, Inc. guarantees the workmanship on your new roof for 10 years!


  • This guarantee does not cover items covered in the manufacturers warranty.
  • Subsequent structural changes or alterations, including, but not limited to, installation of equipment on your roof (such as solar heating, air conditioning, sky lights, or TV antennas), or any other modifications.
  • Application of cleaning solutions, paint or coatings. Settlement or movement of the building, walls foundation or roof deck.
  • Damage to the shingles or roof resulting from natural causes, including, but not limited to:
    • Acts of God, such as hail storms, other unusually strong storms, or high winds.
    • Impact of foreign objects or traffic on the roof
  • Consequential or special damage of any kind, including damage to the interior or exterior of any building or to any property contained in or near it.
  • Damage caused by condensation.
  • The factory warranty on materials varies from 20 years to life time depending on the product you choose.
  • You can visit our links to the manufacturers for more information on this or discuss it with your sales representatives.
  • This warranty is not transferable.